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identify plants

Create machine learning models with a free, easy to use tool.Lobe helps you train machine learning models with a free, easy to use tool.

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Machine learning
made easy

Lobe has everything you need to bring your machine learning ideas to life. Just show it examples of what you want it to learn, and it automatically trains a custom machine learning model that can be shipped in your app.

Screenshot of the Lobe app showcasing a machine learning dataset called California Plants.
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Easy to Use
Designed to be easy enough for anyone to use. No code or experience required.
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Free and Private
Train for free on your own computer without uploading your data to the cloud.
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Ship Anywhere
Available for Mac and Windows. Export your model and ship it on any platform.

Project Templates

Lobe will automatically select the right machine learning architecture for your project. Image classification is available now, with more templates coming soon.

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Image Classification
Label an image based on its content.
Available Now
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Object Detection
Locate an object inside of an image.
Coming Soon
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Data Classification
Label data in a table based on its content.
Coming Soon

Label, Train, Play

Lobe simplifies the process of machine learning into three easy steps. Collect and label your images. Train and understand your results. Then play with your model and improve it.

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Label your images

Collect bursts using your webcam, or drag in a folder of images from your computer. Then quickly label your images to create a machine learning dataset.

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Train your model

Automatically train on your own computer without any setup or configuration. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your model with live visual results.

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Play with it

Try out your model using your webcam or images from your computer. Improve your results by giving your model feedback when its predictions are correct or incorrect.

Train your app with Lobe